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Head of Employment and Labour Relations/Intellectual Property Department.

Employment and Labour Relations, Intellectual property, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

John Njuguna Kamau was admitted to the bar as an Advocate in the year 2008. He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi and holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law. Mr. Njuguna has accumulated wide trial Court experience and has represented clients in the Court of Appeal, High Court, Environment and Land Court, Employment and Labour Relations Court, the Magistrate’s Court and Tribunals such as Business Premises Rent Tribunal, Rent Restriction Tribunal and National Environment Tribunal. He has handled probate and succession matters, commercial disputes, employment disputes, insurance matters and land matters. Mr. Njuguna has also represented and advised clients in Banks’s transactions such as Mortgages, Legal Charges, Hire Purchase and Chattels Mortgage.
Our clients have also benefited from Mr. Njuguna’s experienced advice and representation in the registration of Companies, Industrial Designs, and Trade Marks. Besides the trial Court’s experience, Mr. Njuguna has handled Land matters at the Ministry of Lands and has experience in conveyancing transactions such as Land transfers, amalgamation, subdivision, excision, Lease renewal, and Lease extension. He keeps himself appraised of developments in legal matters by attending Law Seminars organized by the Law Society of Kenya and other players in the Legal Sector. Mr. Njuguna’s legal practice continues to be guided by the Firm’s core values of attending to all our clients’ assignments in a professional manner, with integrity, accountability, and excellence.

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